Why research matters


Research plays a huge role at Tictrac. Let’s look at how it runs through our core values and how we use it to help our users change their lives for the better.


Build beautiful things

We can only design a product that people love if we truly understand what’s important to them. So rather than relying on our own experience and ideas, we lose our assumptions and carry out research with real people instead.


Keep it human

Research is a team sport at Tictrac. Everyone is trained in research skills and involved in the user experience, even if they have a support role. Every member of our team can confidently carry out usability tests and user interviews, understanding the right times to use different, proven methods.


Be excellent to each other

Instead of using demographic data to guess what might hypothetically appeal to each group of people, we recognise that everyone is an individual. So we talk to real people and learn from them directly. Their responses challenge our ideas and guide our direction, so our product can remain engaging and motivating for our users.


Never settle

We experiment for two reasons – firstly to make sure our current live product is still meeting people’s needs. And secondly to improve it, regularly adding new features. We set up teams of innovators drawn from around the business and give them a problem or user need to solve. They then test a range of solutions and responses with real people, first in the lab and then in our dedicated test platform. This means if anything is unpopular, inadequate or even unnecessary, we can put a stop to it well before any change goes live.

Whilst we want to innovate all the time, we’re careful not to lose sight of our end users but to keep them at the forefront of every decision. Making research a priority means we can do this, providing a valuable, targeted product that genuinely works and helps people lead healthier lives.

Want to get involved?

If you want to contribute to our research or share your own, we’d love to hear from you.