Apollo – from idea to reality


Tictrac users have the freedom to explore our full platform, choosing the action plans they want to join, the challenges they want to pursue and the articles they read.


The problem with choice

Research tells us that too much choice can be overwhelming. So how can we better target our users with the information they need, making sure what they see is most relevant to them?


Finding the perfect solution

We tested the idea that offering more personalised recommendations, framed as suggestions from experts, makes users much more likely to engage with the product and apply the changes.

Once a user joins the Apollo program, they see a welcome screen where they can share more details for greater personalisation. Our system looks at all the information we have about the user’s diet, exercise and personal circumstances to target recommendations as closely as possible. We’ll introduce the user to three experts who send daily health recommendations. The users can feed back to us on each suggestion so we can fine tune these daily tips even further.


Getting it exactly right

We’re very excited about the potential of Apollo. So far, it’s showing great strides in user engagement. Users are making meaningful changes to their lifestyle that will lead to real results. We’re testing the program in Health Lab to make sure it’s absolutely at its best before we roll it out across all our platforms.

Want to get involved?

If you want to contribute to our research or share your own, we’d love to hear from you.