An Insurtech health engagement platform

Business growth for you, meaningful engagement for your customers


Understand what drives
meaningful engagement

With years of research, market insight, and working with many of the world’s largest health and life insurers, we help drive business growth for you, your clients, and deliver healthy behaviour change for your communities.




Tictrac is the health engagement platform enabling you to learn more and engage regularly with your customers, ensuring your products and services stay front of mind



Streamline underwriting with our powerful data insights, partner algorithms, and deliver tangible ROI through targeted, personalised and sustainable health improvements



Stand out from the crowd by creating bespoke strategic partnerships with our team of experts who deeply understand the insurance industry and meaningful engagement

Everything we do is underpinned by H.E.A.L

We know that what motivates one individual won’t necessarily work for another. After years of research, market insight, and working with some of the world’s largest health insurers, we have developed a proprietary behavioural change approach called H.E.A.L. - a methodology that is proven to prevent and treat long-term wellbeing challenges.


over healthy


over ability


over outcomes


over routines

Results for your customers


Our wellbeing platform works. It helps individuals become healthier, happier and more active. Your community will start to reap the benefits in the first week as on average we see:

Increase their active minutes by

161 each week



Increase their daily steps
by 2,300



Become 200%

more active the first month



Results for your business


Businesses grow when they partner with us. We become an extension of your team, delivering the expertise and technical support you need for success. Working with insurers we typically see:


A 65% increase in health assessments completed


A 52% uptake of customers onboarded to wellbeing programmes


A 40% increase

in health engagement



Drive regular, meaningful engagement with your customers, keeping you front of mind.

Through our unique campaign-led model, we know how to regularly engage your customers with their wellbeing and your brand. From nutrition, guided meditation, at-home workout videos, to motivational podcasts - everything within our platform has been carefully created by a diverse community of industry experts. Our constant stream of fresh and relevant content ensures your end customers can improve and maintain their overall wellbeing, helping reduce the likelihood of claims.


Enhance your underwriting and deliver greater ROI through connection and actionable insight.

Deep customer insights from connected apps and devices, coupled with our personalised and interactive action plans give you a complete picture. Streamline your underwriting through our suite of seamless integration options and partner algorithms, helping your business to grow at pace.


Like any great team, we’re in this together. Focused on meaningful outcomes for you, your customers and their communities.

We’ve got years of research, market insight and practical experience having partnered with many of the world's largest health insurers. Our specialist teams are flexible in their approach, collaborative and laser-focused on working with you to deliver a wellbeing engagement platform that achieves competitive advantage.

We're a trusted supplier to some of the world's largest insurers

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Our solutions



A flexible decoupled API product enabling seamless integration into your ecosystem.

Looking to build upon your existing success? We can enhance your current Insuretech solution by pulling in the very best of our platform, to deliver the exact experience your customers want and your business needs. We can integrate with any solution thanks to our talented team.
Let's capture your requirements and see how we can help.


A white-label solution that can be customised to your needs, with the full support of our team.

Deliver an experience as unique as your customers are, with a platform completely tailored to the needs of your business. Whether you want to learn more about your customers, cross-sell products and services, or simply drive daily engagement, it’s all managed by our expert team.
Speak to our enterprise team about a bespoke solution.