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At Tictrac, we’re on a mission to change the way people look after themselves for good.


Workplace wellbeing,
wherever work might be


Boost your staff’s wellbeing with a platform that creates meaningful engagement, increases connection, and empowers people to live healthier lives.


Tictrac’s range of employer solutions tackles the key issues of corporate wellness, helping your business to:




Reduce sickness, stress-related absence, and help employees adopt a healthier lifestyle



Create a more inclusive culture, connection and camaraderie with a highly engaged workforce



Help your employees become happier and more balanced, improving retention and performance

Get started with Tictrac Ready

Tictrac Ready is our co-branded, easy to deploy wellbeing platform.

Experience how Tictrac Ready can help your employees feel happier and healthier within days.

Get started with Tictrac Ready

Tictrac Ready is our co-branded, easy to deploy wellbeing platform.

Experience how Tictrac Ready can help your employees feel happier and healthier within days.

Meaningful engagement through team challenges

Build healthy habits through action plans

Inform your wellbeing strategy with deep insights


Everything your employees need, all in one place

Wave goodbye to multiple employee subscriptions for workout, mental health, and nutrition platforms. Say hello to everything your employees need — all in one place.


Tictrac is packed with a broad range of fresh, engaging content. From guided workout videos, recipes and inspirational podcasts, to audio meditations, practical advice on mental health, and the latest in wellness news and research — there’s something for everyone.

Proactive Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure, and employee wellbeing is no different. We help employees improve their physical health and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Underpinned by our behavioural science methodology, H.E.A.L., action plans and a personalised dashboard align with each employee’s wellbeing requirements, helping them adopt healthier habits and make the positive changes they need to become healthier.

Meaningful engagement

High levels of employee engagement can transform a business, drive performance, increase customer satisfaction, and retain talent.

Our dynamic content and responsive campaign model ensures employees get precisely what they need, when they need it. Fun walking, running or cycling challenges help build connection and camaraderie — whether in teams or as individuals. Powerful data insights give you greater visibility of workplace wellbeing, so that you can pinpoint issues and shape company health strategies.

A good day, every day

We can help your employees improve their mental health, relieve stress, build resilience, and restore balance.

Through strategies and advice from an experienced counsellor, our resident workplace wellbeing experts, and guided meditations, employees can optimise their lives to create the calm, space and happiness they need to thrive.

Challenges, the key to meaningful engagement

Learn how to drive meaningful engagement and create connection with a remote workforce through healthy competition.

Results that matter


Our employee wellbeing platform works. It helps individuals become healthier, happier, and more active. Your employees will start to reap the benefits in the first week as on average we see:

Increase their active minutes by
161 each week



Increase their daily steps
by 2,300



Become 200%

more active in the first month



...in a changing work environment


We’re in challenging times, but wellbeing at work needn’t be. We’ve been supporting employees as they transition from the office to home working; helping them form healthy habits, keeping them connected to their colleagues, and inspiring them to find more balance in their lives.



2.4x increase in active users during lockdown


2.1x increase in physical activity levels during lockdown


Corporate wellbeing that’s designed to keep people connected

See why we're already trusted by some of the world's top performing organisations to help improve wellbeing at work.


"Tictrac has been especially invaluable to our employees' wellbeing this year providing an abundance of content to keep us physically and mentally well during these incredible times."



"We thoroughly enjoyed joining colleagues from across the organisation in a step challenge to fundraise for charity. We were inspired by the content on the app, and listening to the podcasts was a great way to help power through the walking challenge"

A range of solutions


Tictrac Ready

Co-branded and configurable to suit your requirements.

It’s never been easier to look after their wellbeing at work. Your employees will start to feel happier and healthier within days. We do all the heavy lifting for you - all the content, challenges and onboarding is managed by our specialist team.
Find all the information you need with a tour of the platform.


A white-label solution that can be customised to your needs.

Deliver an experience as unique as your employees are, with a platform completely tailored to your business’s needs. Our expert team will customise challenges, configure the content, and match it to your brand.
Speak to our enterprise team about a bespoke solution.


A flexible decoupled API product enabling seamless integration.

Looking to build upon your existing success? We can enhance your current solution and pull in the very best of our platform, to deliver the exact experience your employees need. We can integrate with any solution thanks to our expert team.
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