Building A Healthier Future

We’re devoted to improving people’s lives and that’s what motivates us to keep researching and enriching our product


Where we’ve come from

Our story began in 2010. Our founder members have a background in technology and digital media. They were keen to explore the potential of wearable technology when combined with the growing app eco-system.


Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength. We’ve opened the platform to customers of some of the world’s biggest healthcare providers and insurers. Today we reach people across three continents – and we’re growing rapidly.


Our founders saw the opportunity to collate day-to-day data from consumers. And they worked out they could use it to give people targeted information to help improve their health. In 2012, working with an early prototype of today’s platform, the team won the ‘Best New Company’ award at the prestigious Health 2.0 conference.


We’re proud to help our users make better lifestyle choices, while businesses use our product to successfully engage their customers – bringing about a healthier future for all.


We’re working with four of the world’s largest insurers and a diverse group of some of the world’s most formidable Olympic and Paralympic athletes. We’re pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation and how we’re engaging thousands of employees with their wellbeing.

Investors and Advisors

We’re delighted to have support from leading names in health, technology and media, including:

Andy Murray

World class tennis champion, Andy is well known for his sporting success. What is less well known is that he also champions pioneering healthcare technology and we’re pleased he’s chosen to support us.

Elisabeth Murdoch

One of the most powerful people in media, Elisabeth Murdoch is the founder of Shine and now heads up Freelands Ventures, investing in forward-thinking media and technology businesses.

Dr. Eric Topol

Founder and director of Scripps Translational Science institute and a best-selling author, Dr Topol has secured a $200m research grant from a US government agency. A huge supporter of tailored medical treatments, he was one of the first to see Tictrac’s potential.

Exponential Partners

A Californian venture capital group made up of highly successful entrepreneurs who invest in the next generation of up and coming businesses.

Want to know more?

We’d love to tell you more about us and about our plans for the future.